Stratton Meadows Homes for Sale!

Stratton Meadows Colorado Real Estate is growing fast, as this Colorado community is a desirable subdivision of southeast CO springs, spanning a solid 1,210 square miles. Stratton Meadows is listed as number 11 in all of Colorado Springs as one of its top most desirable places to reside. Stratton Meadows provides convenient access to Interstate 25, Highway 29, Highway 85, and the Highway 24 Bypass. Local areas of unique scenery among Stratton Meadows includes Clover Ditch and Spring Run.

Stratton Meadows residents enjoy lower costs of living, and tons of local amenities. Stratton Meadows is rated as having an average crime rating, but maintains a strong and close police presence. Stratton Meadows also is located next to Meadows Park where hiking, walking pets, and family picnics can be enjoyed, as well as Meadows Park Community Center for enjoyable recreations. Frontier Hospice of Colorado is also nearby to this neighborhood for those who wish to be closer to loved ones in need of Hospice care.

Broadmoor shopping center is right across the street from Stratton Meadows along Southgate Road, allowing easy access to craft coffee creations from Starbucks, Italian cuisines from Macaroni Grill, home repair and enhancement supplies from Home Depot, late night munchie availability from McDonald’s, pharmacy access from Walgreens, arts and craft necessities from Michael’s, discounted apparel from Ross, phone services from Verizon and Sprint, pampering services from Veda Salon and Spa, and eatery favorites such as Chipotle, Wingstop, and On the Border. Also located nearby to Stratton Meadows is Tinsel Town Movie Theater and the World Arena Ice Hall hosting Colorado College Hockey is played, graduations, and countless other events and entertainment.

Stratton Meadows’s close proximity to Lake Avenue allows residents easy access the five-star Broadmoor Hotel community, as well as to Highway 115, in which they can travel south to the southwestern countryside of Cheyenne Mountains slopes or north into the heart of Downtown Colorado Springs. Also located nearby is Microchip and SAES Getter, Disabled American Veterans, and the Cheyenne Mountain Shopping Center can be found, providing Stratton Meadows close trips to Target, Old Chicago, Outback Steakhouse, and Chuck E. Cheese’s. Stratton Meadows enjoys a local favorite area of Quail Lake, where beautiful trails, fishing, and playgrounds line the park and is just minutes away from Fort Carson!

Stratton Meadows has a population of around 6,200 residents, and Stratton Meadows has nearly 2,900 people per sq. mi. The median income of Stratton Meadows residents is around $38,000 per year. There are only about 2.2 people per household in the neighborhood, and 42% of Stratton Meadows homes are resided in by families. Of Stratton Meadows residents, 44% are natives to the state of Colorado, and upwards of at least 6% of its population consists of non-English speakers. Under half of Stratton Meadows’s inhabitants utilize their own personal cars for transportation, while others rely upon bikes, carpooling methods, public transportation systems, walking, or simply work from home.

Stratton Meadows has a slightly higher than average commute time when compared to that of the national average Stratton Meadows is also 92% less expensive than rest of Colorado’s neighborhoods. Also, being as close as it is to Fort Carson, Stratton Meadows’s community is highly veteran friendly and retains a large military presence, as well as extremely diverse in its population, which consists of one of the strongest presences of Jamaican ancestry in the nation, and 2% of Stratton Meadows’s residents are fluent speakers of the French language.

33% of those employed in Stratton Meadows work sales and service jobs, and 28% are employed both  in manufacturing and labor occupations. 41% of the inhabitants of Stratton Meadows are homeowners, and 59% of which are renters, but the cost of living throughout the neighborhood is nearly 11% lower than that of the national average -Stratton Meadows enjoys a general sales tax of 2.9%, with income taxes around 4.6%. The median age of Stratton Meadows’s residents is around 39 years old. Homes in the Stratton Meadows neighborhood receive APR rates ranging from 3.8% to 4.1%, and the average home value of most homes throughout the area are listed with a value mediating around $179,000, however the average real estate value of homes in this community has been listed around $135,000. The average rent for most homes in this area falls around $760 per month. Homes for sale in Stratton Meadows also have a 5 year appreciation rate of 7.22%, and nearly 17% of homes rented throughout the community have utilities included throughout their rental prices. Homes among the Stratton Meadows neighborhood can be found as high as 1,480 square feet, and the price of homes for sale throughout this area can be as costly as $235K and as low as $100K. Houses for sale in Stratton Meadows are some of the best throughout Colorado Springs, do not miss the opportunity to check out how you can benefit from investing in Stratton Meadows Real Estate!